"Our true gift as vocalists & musicians is that we all have unique individual qualities & creative abilities, just like every living soul."

- SiriSat
Julia Claire - SiriSat was already on the stage before she was born in Surrey, England when her mother was the leading soprano in "The Beggar's Opera' with her father, baritone & jazz musician. In her early childhood she played the piano by ear and danced and sang whenever she heard music.

Her close contact with the performing arts soon lead her to wish to be a ballet dancer and she studied at Elmhurst Ballet School, Surrey, where she received her professional training of Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, and Drama and Theatre Arts qualifying with the London Royal Academy.

At thirteen she was given her first part as an actress in the BBC series "A Little Princess". Julia taught herself the guitar composing her first song at the age of nine and began singing professionally at the age of fifteen, accompanying her own Folk and Celtic style compositions.

She performed in her first stage musical in England a year later, followed by a television series, danced ballet as a leading fairy, and later joined a modern dance company as a solo singer and assistant choreographer to tour Europe.

Her first recording contract in 1987 lead her to base her life between England and Spain where the Maxi single "A Summer Romance" became top of the charts. This record launched Julia's singing career and she performed in concerts and on numerous television programmes, with her own band and dancers. She continued to create her personal style of dance music recording "Cat in Disguise", "Classical" and her first LP "My Psycollection" produced by Tullio Tonelli. These hit songs are presently re-edited by Blanco y Negro in "Diamonds Collection" and "2 Decades of Dance".

At this time Julia begins her Yoga practice, receiving her spiritual name "Sir¡ Sat Kaur" (The princess who manifests the greatest truth) from the Master Yogi Bhajan. She records Mantras, music for yoga and meditation in Holland; "Peace of Mind" with Matamandir Singh and "Prosperity and Success" edited by Golden Temple. After qualifying as a Yoga teacher she studies healing, natural diagnosis, floral and gemstone therapy and becomes a Reíkí Master.

Contracted by Max Music, (now Vale music) in 1995 Julia becomes the voice of "Promise" recording House-dance-trance tracks "The Promise", "The way you live the way you Love", "Think", "Running", by Information Society, "A Girl like You" and "Don't Give me Up" with the group "Speed Limit". Reaching a turning point in her musical career; wishing to record her own compositions with a spiritual message she changes record label to Tir Terra Records as lead vocalist and lyric writer with a new age group, Terra lead by Carles Reig, her present producer. Together they record Terra "Natura" in 1997, recording several video clips for the T.V.E. programme "Hidrogen", and also record the album "Celtic Dreams".

Presently Julia Claire and Carles Reig are united in their new project with Ohm Spirit Sound Records. Carles brings Julias dream to life producing her mantra song compositions in her two most recent albums "Celestial" and "Mantra Chill Out", spiritual music to uplift, heal and bring harmony and inner peace. Julia creates a form of dance meditation - " Celestial Dance" through her mantra inspirations which she currently teaches in workshops and performs on stage with the presentation of her new albums, a fusion of sacred Sanskrit sounds which she channels through meditation into songs in English with inspirational melodies, acoustic instruments, synthesizers, electronic sounds and atmospheric ambient rhythms.

Her latest music video, "Searching - Ong Namo" included in both new albums has been welcomed and praised by the critics and Julia unites her stage experience and spiritual discovery to express her music in live performance with contemporary dancers and musicians.

"Everything we learn through our lives enables us to share this gift of music for a purpose... May all musicians & artists share our talents to achieve our highest aspirations... and spread joy, love and peace through our universal language"

Julia Claire Dascombe - SiriSat Kaur